Gamifying Subway Performers

I had a thought the other week. Every morning on my way to work I see (and hear) a subway performer playing music. Some are quite good, inciting smiles or brief pauses from people walking by. Now imagine these performers had a few jars labeled with different emotions laid out in front of them. Depending on where commuters dropped their coins, the performer would play a song that evoked the respective emotion. Now the money you give to performers no longer goes into a (metaphorical) black box, but has a tangible outcome.

Vim Tutorial

Love it or hate it, Vim is an extremely useful tool. This is a great tutorial that covers the basics and advanced techniques.

How to Write Emails

This guide is a practical resource for developing a set of transactional emails that will move your new users through the sales funnel toward becoming happy, engaged, and paying customers.

Ridiculously comprehensive and extremely useful for staying modern as a company.